My intent of this site is to share information I found helpful in my coming out journey of self discovery and acceptance. I may offer opinions at times, but mostly want to provide resources I discovered. Try the links at the top of the page or the menu.

“Don’t let your wonder turn into closure.”

– Older, by Ben Platt

To get to know more about me, you can listen to Episode 50 of the podcast, Graying Rainbows: Coming Out Later in Life LGBT+.

The Vulnerable Man Podcast – November 2022

I was fortunate too recently be on Christopher Veal’s podcast, The Vulnerable Man, sharing my story related to being a vulnerable man, where I see this as a strength and not a weakness. 

I encourage others to listen to other episodes in his podcast.

If other men are interested in the ManKind Project (MKP) Open Circles I reference, check out this link and search for one in your area:  https://mkpusa.org/mens-group/

To register for the circle I’m in regularly twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Mondays, go to:  https://tinyurl.com/apusnree

The Vulnerable Man Podcast


In addition to the information on the Resource page, I found tremendous support in the ManKind Project community. They have in person and online resources for all men, regardless of orientation, race, political perspective, social views or other perspectives that in another environment might set you apart. The Project helped me better understand myself, my motivations, limitations, challenges and opportunities in life. This process of discovery never ends, with an continual effort to become a better man.

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